Protect My Space

When I left the real estate industry as an agent, I realized that there were so many things that have changed since I was little. As a child there were issues that were too problematic to address publicly without causing rift among the people. One such thing, as so many of us already know, is the discrimination in housing. As a young brown child, it was very clear and evident that people felt uncomfortable with one another. It was the differences in culture, attitude, and beliefs that made the division. We couldn’t all be the same and we shouldn’t be. Yet, people demanded the same. They wanted equality in everything, including housing.

To me, as a child, that came across very confusing. What I thought is that if everyone was given space to live, then they should take care of their space the best they could. I didn’t understand then the finances involved and the dumping involved. When I say dumping, I mean mistreatment of others and their space. There were mean people that just didn’t want others to live well in their own space, so they dumped on that space. As I got older, I saw that the poorer areas were where they left garbage or where existed factories along with other undesirable things that the “haves” didn’t want in their neighborhood. Given this, I decided to ask questions.

Why were homes allowed to be built around factories and industries that could cause health problems? Why did the government approve of such things? What were the zoning laws and how did they plan to build a city? Did they keep division in mind? Did they want unity? I hear the politicians make promises to the people, then on the side take their cut, their recognition, their rewards and their benefits. But who’s fault is that? I thought it was the politicians; those dirty corrupt politicians. Then I realized it was a shared blame. The people knew! They knew that the politician was corrupt, in fact some helped and were involved in the corruption. There was no way the politicians could do it all by themselves; and the corrupt supporters were getting their share of benefits. So all the time, it was an entourage of corrupt people deciding how to plot and plan how to design a city and shape the minds of the people, causing rifts amongst them.

After all they needed to keep the corruption going, so they can get richer and meanwhile saying they care about the poor and the middle class.  It’s not complicated, it’s simple.  They need to keep their position over the rest. 


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