I Can

We were taught to look pretty, to look flawless and be the perfect model in the magazine. The model perfectly put together with expensive makeup and expensive hair and expensive clothing with the perfectly sculptured body. Who wouldn’t want to be that model?

So we take in this expensive advertisement that was pushed on us to be someone we are not and to imitate what we think we should be like. But the push wasn’t to help us look better and it wasn’t to help us be someone else. The push was to simply buy the expensive makeup, the expensive clothing and the expensive sculpted body and hair.

Yet we didn’t understand. We believed that we needed to be what we can be. The can. It was all a part of a conspiracy. The cultured and the affluent and the new me. That was their slogan of the can, of the push to be perfectly unnatural.

Did you fall for it too? Did you beg to do what the push wanted you to do?

I quivered, as I look at myself in the mirror. There was no way I can look like that model that beckoned me. And no way it was taking me to be that perfect being in an unnatural society.

I love me.

So yes I can. But not the same can they pushed upon me. I have my own look, my own mentality and my own identity. Will you join me?


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