In the Gutter

Finding a good contractor is a difficult task.  I’m sure you’ve had the experience of hiring an unprofessional who may have aggravated you to no ends and cost you more than an arm and a leg.  Many have posted their grievances of pain and their war stories of a home improvement nightmare, that’s why some have opted to do it themselves and the home improvement stores have increased their sales with many do over projects.

I hear you.  You can add me to another grieving soul.

A simple project of adding gutters from a respectable licensed home improvement company, which will remain unnamed; turned into a who done it project.  I did the regular search online for gutter service and called to arrange free estimates; so I did use some due diligence.  They advertised as a licensed contractor and I’ve even seen them actually do work in my community and witness their workmanship.  But for some reason, their good workmanship did not pass onto my home.

The first explosive rain storm came and the rain was not only draining through the gutters, but also between in the seams of the gutter.  I’ve even tried to capture it in progress on my phone, but it was quite difficult to distinguish the rain drops between the gutters and in the seams.  Nevertheless, I did so; sending one of my pictures to the company asking about it.

One of the office workers responded quickly stating that she will have them come out again to take a look at their work.  But as far as I know it, this is a false promise.  No one came or even attempted to contact me again.  Should I be surprised?  No, because this was not the first time I contacted them.  They had claimed to clean up after themselves as part of their agreement; which I found they reluctantly did.  They had to come back to my home to pick up their rubbish that was cleverly hidden behind my fence for no neighbors to see.  I relocated their rubbish near their advertised sign on my lawn in the front, so that everyone can see their reputation and service to me.

It’s amazing to have to deal with such contractors, but it leaves me to ask why me? Why did they perform great service to other customers and provided me with poor service?  Was it the type of person I am?  A single mom living with her children.  Was it my income bracket, where money talks?  No need for my home to look pleasing or maintained?  Were they trying to impose a type-casted, assumption that people like me don’t live well or maintain their property; therefore should not be included in their community?

To me, it wasn’t just providing bad service, there was a reason why they targeted me.  A company who wants to stay in business would provide good service all the time.  But if they are indeed acting discriminatory, they may not fear losing their business; if they choose to provide service, good service at that, to people they prefer to keep business with.

So I ask how many have thought about why they were given poor service, if the cost was comparable to other contractors and the service was selectively different depending upon customers?  How do you scream out discrimination allegations against companies who are truly acting in that manner, when it’s a small business contractor who hires employees that they can blame the workmanship on?  Removing any such allegations against the business itself and replacing workers as an effort to conceal their discriminatory practices?

Just think about it.  Do we truly have fair housing and fair housing maintenance when we are dependent upon the government and contractors to comply; when both are made up of people in society that may carry concealing discriminatory practices?


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