Damaged Goods

Did you ever pick up a beauty product and the box had a danger warning label larger than the product name itself? Of course not, having such a warning would prevent sales and revenue for the retailers.

I recently was interested in a product that advertised wonderful results in styling your hair with new technology and which minimized your effort to curl and straighten. It sounded excellent. A product that would cut down my time to get out of the house on those days I’m running late. I then researched more. Most of the advertising and how-to videos showed positive results. But there were some that showed some awful results of the product. They clearly weren’t using it properly or to its full potential. And I get it, it’s not for all hair types. But no styling product is universal in my opinion. It’s more like a try and see, so I decided to try and see. But before I was able to do that, I came to an immediate halt. The reviews!

Yes, it’s the reviews that I always try to read for feedback. One review stated there was lead in one of the components in making the product. Really!? Lead in beauty products? This reviewer read the warning label that there were lead present in the cord. I was surprised, because I didn’t realize they were making products that had lead in them.

I can’t help but ask, when will they stop approving dangerous products for the marketplace; especially imported products? When are they going to stop shelving complaints against a product and do something about it? What is the true cost of making money? Are we valuing or factoring human life higher than the products themselves or do we equate human life the same as the products they make? What if we all were to protest and wear our hair natural, free and clear from any products? They will feel it in their pockets, then maybe they would care just a little more.

After ranting from being surprised of the ill will they share, just to put money in their pockets; I have to wonder if Americans should continue to deal with this? Should we import such damaging goods? And how long have these imports been faulty from the manufacturer? I have to admit that I’ve heard that some stores shelve expired products, because of overproduction and the need to push for sales. So, if you overlook its faults, you’re stuck with products that are damaging without even realizing it. Getting remedy after the fact is sometimes difficult.

If you are able to catch the defect in time, you may be able to get a full refund. But the people who continue to be unaware is, unfortunately, still being sold dangerous approved products. Danger can take place against the consumer at any time. For example, ongoing exposure to lead may cause long term effects and suing doesn’t resolve the actual damage caused by lead. With all your hard working tax dollars you would expect the government to do a better job in securing the health of their people; not making trade deals and passing what they feel is not an extreme danger. Trust me, every drop of your blood counts. Our lives do matter.

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