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In the Gutter

Finding a good contractor is a difficult task.  I’m sure you’ve had the experience of hiring an unprofessional who may have aggravated you to no ends and cost you more than an arm and a leg.  Many have posted their grievances of pain and their war stories of a home improvement nightmare, that’s why some […]

The Future in Utility

The future is here.  It’s time that we find a way to have self sustainable energy source.  Why not have solar energy that can be stored at individual homes?  Just imagine having a storage box like a generator that stores solar energy which can be used whenever needed. I was out one day shopping for […]

Distressed Homes

Have you ever drove by a home that looked abandoned and unkept?  The siding has faded and pieces are hanging on its last leg?  With the increase in foreclosures, you very well may have seen some homes in that state and ruled it as common place.  Entire blocks appearing as a ghost town in the […]

Real Estate Building The Basics Book

In this book, not only will it summarize what you need to know, but it is filled with examples of scenarios you need to understand. Sometimes definitions are not enough and sometimes textbooks can be cumbersome. Real Estate Building the Basics provide you with a simplified, already taken notes of what you should know. Once […]

Protect My Space

When I left the real estate industry as an agent, I realized that there were so many things that have changed since I was little. As a child there were issues that were too problematic to address publicly without causing rift among the people. One such thing, as so many of us already know, is […]